Monday, March 2, 2020

The most luxurious places for students to live

The most luxurious places for students to live Luxurious houses for students Many American universities do their best to attract the future students and make their student life unforgettable. The days of living in the cramped quarters are long gone, so now college housing has something different to offer. Students of the following universities can compare their living with a luxury vacation. They have everything for living in style while getting their degree. Let`s find out what makes the living experiences of students so unique. Osprey Fountains at The University of North Florida – Jacksonville, Florida Osprey Fountains at The University of North Florida is a new housing complex for students opened in 2009. Here you will find a convenience store, fitness center, library for studying, and video game room. But the best amenities are outside. You can take a rest in the outdoor pool or just spend some time in the volleyball, basketball or tennis courts. Osprey Fountains is the perfect place for students to come and relax after difficult classes. Price Range: $1,130 – $5,000 per semester The Metropolitan at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising – Los Angeles, California The Metropolitan is the closest housing complex to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising which offers students the amenities of a 5 star hotel. This luxurious â€Å"dorm† is situated in the very heart of Los Angeles and is surrounded by nightlife and shopping. A heated pool, courtyard, community lounge, private theatre, sundeck and covered spa, design and drawing rooms – everything at your disposal. Each apartment has a kitchen with GE appliances, living space, a vanity, a private balcony, and large windows. Price Range: About $1,000 per month Sontag and Pomona Halls at Pomona College – Claremont, California Sontag and Pomona Halls are super eco-friendly housing complexes for students on Pomona College campus.   They are equipped with air conditioning, electrical cut-off switches, daylight sensors and low water use fixtures. You can also find the roof top garden patio which consists of solar panels that helps heat the water. Price Range: $4,275 per Semester The Lawn at the University of Virginia – Charlottesville,   VA It is an honor for a student to live on the Lawn at the University of Virginia. This place has a rich history and the long-standing traditions. You have to get used to that fact that the door of your room should be open. Only exemplary students who strive to become scholars and leaders can have the opportunity to live in such luxurious apartments. Price Range: $6,020 – $6,170 per year North Quadrangle Residential and Academic Complex at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, If you are a freshman – don`t even expect to get a room here as this housing complex is extremely coveted. North Quadrangle Residential and Academic Complex offers you the private and spacious rooms for luxurious student living. Learning communities, work areas, media facilities, bike routes, a TV studio, equipped conference rooms, and lounges on every floor are among the additional facilities. Price Range:  $5,978 – $8,204 per semester Mark Shenkman Hall (formerly Ivory Tower) at George Washington University – Washington, D.C. Mark Shenkman Hall gives you the opportunity to enjoy the opulence of living in Washington while studying. This building is conveniently located and has everything that students may need. Its apartments have full service kitchens, private baths, air conditioning, wireless internet, high speed internet, and elevators. Price Range: $13,760 – $14,670 per year Founders Hall at New York University – New York City, New York This building is the newest residence hall of New York University. It has 26 stories that gives students the opportunity to have the room with the amazing view on the city. Here you will find the spacious rooms with adjoining bathrooms, private libraries, open area communal rooms, and the courtyard. Due to the perfect location near the Union Square Subway, students can easily get to their classes and the rest of the city. Price Range: $6,792 per semester University Village Suites at Kennesaw State University – Kennesaw, Georgia Only freshmen can live in the University Village Suites. Each apartment has a shared bathroom, a mini kitchen, and a built in bar with stools. You will never find yourself starving as the in house Peace Cafà © and Hoot Restaurant always have something delicious to offer. An art gallery, a computer lab, community kitchens, study rooms, lounge areas, and laundry rooms are among the community amenities. Price Range: $585 – $660 per month The Units at the University of California, Berkeley – Berkeley, California The Units at UC Berkeley are the housing complex for undergraduate students. The apartments are equipped in the typical dorm style – beds, desks, and dressers. It is the view that makes this place really luxurious. Students can make use of a central fitness facility, a laundry facility, and a diner. Price Range: $6,363 – $8,512 Hub at Tuscon at The University of Arizona, Tuscon – Arizona The Hub at Tuscon is a luxurious place for students of The University of Arizona. Its building amenities are really spectacular – fully equipped rooms and kitchens, fitness, spa, gaming, executive meeting rooms, grilling gazebo, sand volleyball court, and hammocks. The rooftop pool is its main attraction. Price Range: $1,490 – $5,405 – per unit, per month

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