Friday, February 14, 2020

Knowledge Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words - 1

Knowledge Management - Essay Example For example, as a recorded tradition in different Abrahamic religions, it is said that when one of the sons of Adam killed the other, he learnt from the nature that what to do with the dead body. Moving further, when mankind decided to search for the ways to feed themselves, other than hunting, it was actually their never satiating desire for knowledge that helped them in learning new ways. Thus we can say that one of the important factor of the advancement and continuous evolution of the human civilization is the continuous enhancement of knowledge. However, it must be noted that the purpose to acquire knowledge has been drastically changed. Now, besides the purpose stated earlier, the knowledge acquisition is also aimed for the self-growth and intellectual development. However, by the passage of time, as the ways to store information or knowledge improved, the volume of knowledge started to grow exponentially. With this change in the arena of the knowledge, the focus shifted from merely its acquisition to its management as well as implementation. This shift in focus was not restricted to any one discipline, rather this wave of change was across the board, thus affecting al the discipline. However, the intensity varied from field to field. Among these, the business arena experienced the remarkable influence of this concept. To move on to knowledge management, we must be primarily have an idea of diver... WHAT IS KNOWLEDGE There is no single agreed definition of the term 'knowledge'. This is probably not out of ignorance to the subject, rather an exhibition of the diversity in the ways people approach knowledge, create, store and disseminate it. Dome people have defined it philosophically, some have defined it religiously, while some define it in the context of their own readings and work experience. According to John Locke (1689), knowledge has been defined in his book BOOK IV. Of Knowledge and Probability. "An Essay: Concerning Human Understanding" in following words: Knowledge is the perception of the agreement or disagreement of two ideas Another tendency of defining knowledge is to correlate it with the experience: "a) the condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience or association b) the condition of being aware of something c) the condition of apprehending truth or fact d) the condition of having information or of being learned" ( The religious orientation brings another understanding towards 'knowledge'. According to them, knowledge is: "is an ability to remember Scripture or have it supernatural quickened, or to know a fact or truth about a person or situation revealed directly by the Holy Spirit--sometimes termed a word of knowledge. [Bible Study on Knowledge.]" ( Some other authors have defined it in their own way: knowledge is what I know information is what we know (Foskett) A dictionary definition is a as follow: Acquaintance with facts, truths, or principles, as from study or investigation. Source: The Random House Dictionary of the English Language It was important to cite as much as possible different perspectives on knowledge, so

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Bipolar Disorder Assessment and Community Intervention Programs Assignment

Bipolar Disorder Assessment and Community Intervention Programs - Assignment Example In the market, as it is, there are three versions of the Beck Depression Inventory, which are basically improvements on previous versions (Parker & Ketter, 2010). The original version was first introduced for use in 1961 and is generally referred to as the BDI (Parker & Ketter, 2010). This was later in 1978 revised into the BDI-1A, which was also consequently modified into 1996’s BDI-II (Parker & Ketter, 2010). Presently, the BDI-II remains the most widely used version of the Beck Depression Inventory (Parker & Ketter, 2010). The BDI is a 21 question inventory of self-report rating which evaluates the common symptoms and attitudes associated with bipolar disorder (Rosner, 2014). The BDI is available in a number of different convenient forms such as computerized forms and card forms (Clinical Psychology, 2015). The forms require approximately 10 minutes to successfully complete (Beck Depression Inventory-II, 2015). However, the user requires a 5th to the 6th grade level of read ing competency in order that they may properly understand the questions and thus respond appropriately (Parker & Ketter, 2010). The multiple choice questionnaire, which is suited for persons who are 13 years of age and over, delves on items that determine presence/ absence of symptoms of bipolar disorder like irritability, hopelessness, feeling of being punished, guilt, fatigue, lack/ loss of interest in sex, loss of weight, and so on (Clinical Psychology, 2015).The assessment can be self-administered or done verbally by a trained administrator. The user of the instrument has the responsibility of ensuring appropriate use of the test, such as in administration, interpretation, application, and scoring of the results (Clinical Psychology, 2015). Some test instances can be given and rated/ scaled by persons with lower levels of training as long as they remain under the supervision of a qualified user (Parker & Ketter, 2010).