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Anagram Definition and Examples

A type of verbal play in which a word or phrase is formed by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase, such as changing united to untied. Adjective: anagrammatic. Its generally agreed that the best anagrams  relate in some meaningful way to the original subject. An imperfect anagram is one in which  letters have been omitted (usually for ease of pronunciation). See Examples and Observations below. Also see: AcrosticLogologyMetathesisParagramPseudonymWord PlayWords at Play: An Introduction to Recreational Linguistics Etymology:  From the Greek, to rearrange letters in a word Examples and Observations My name is only an anagram of toilets.(T.S. Eliot)A thin man ran; makes a large stride, left planet, pins flag on moon! On to Mars!(an anagram for Neil Armstrongs Thats one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind)12 Anagramsgentleman: elegant manArnold Schwarzenegger: he’s grown large n’ crazedBritney Spears: best PR in yearsdormitory: dirty roomdeclaration: an oral edictNew York Times: monkeys writeevangelist: evils agentClint Eastwood: Old West actionMargaret Thatcher: that great charmerdesperation: a rope ends itathletics: lithe actscommittees: cost me timeCaught AnagrammingThe head of the organic food giant Whole Foods has been caught touting his company and trashing a competitor in anonymous writings on the Internet. Using a pseudonym, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey . . . wrote under the screen name Rahodeb, an anagram for the name of his wife, Deborah.(Frank Langfitt, Lacihte? Whole Foods CEO Spams Under Anagram. NPR, July 12, 2007)Edwin Morgans Letter to a French NovelistSaporta:O  satrap!O Sparta!Oars tap.O, a strap?A pastor?Pa Astor?Ps! Aorta.Taro sap.Art soap?A rat sopto paras.O. A. S. trap.So apart!– Pat. Rosa.(Edwin Morgan, Letter to a French Novelist, 1964) Anagrams in Fiction Anagrams in The Da Vinci CodeAnagrams are used in popular fiction from time to time. In Dan Browns best-selling novel The Da Vinci Code (2003, film version 2006), the lines O, draconian devil and Oh, lame saint written in blood on the body of the murdered curator of the Louvre are anagrams of Leonardo da Vinci and The Mona Lisa respectively. The central ideas of The Da Vinci Code can be found in an earlier book, The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln (1982).(Barry J. Blake, Secret Language. Oxford Univ. Press, 2010)Yorick Was Here (and Kilroy, Too)Alas poor Yorlik, I knew him backwardsTraditionally,  anagrams  are warped signifiers which warn their recipients that they contain a buried signified which wants to surface. It is the word  backwards  which tells the recipient how to unpuzzle the anagram by reading something in the utterance from left to right. The joke is, of course, doubly intertextual. Apart from the clear Shakespe arian reference,  Yorlik  backwards reads  Kilroy, the well-known character who is frequently mentioned in the slogan  Kilroy was here. . . . [T[he recipient is faced with having to know about an item of world knowledge which is imperative for the complete appreciation of the joke.(Delia Chiaro,  The Language of Jokes: Analyzing Verbal Play. Routledge, 1992)The Anagrammatick Method in  Gullivers TravelsBut should this Method fail, recourse might be had to others more effectual, by Learned Men called Acrosticks and  Anagrams. First, might be found Men of Skill and Penetration who can discern that all initial Letters have political Meanings. Thus  N  shall signify a Plot,  B  a Regiment of Horse,  L  a Fleet at Sea. Or secondly, by transposing the Letters of the Alphabet in any suspected Paper, who can discover the deepest Designs of a discontented Party. So for example, if I should say in a Letter to a Friend,  Our Brother Tom has just got the Piles, a Man of Skill in this Art would discover how the same Letters which compose that Sentence, may be analysed into the following Words;  Resist,-- a Plot is brought Home--The Tour. And this is the Anagrammatick Method.(Jonathan Swift,  Gullivers Travels, Part III, Chapter Six) The Lighter Side of Anagrams Lisa: Hey Ralph, want to come with me and Alison to play Anagrams?Alison: We take proper names and rearrange the letters to form a description of that person.Ralph Wiggum: My cats breath smells like cat food.(The Simpsons)Monty Pythons Man Who Talks in AnagramsPresenter: Hello, good evening and welcome to another edition of Blood, Devastation, Death, War Horror. And later well be talking to a man who does gardening. But our first guest tonight is a man who talks entirely in anagrams.Hamrag Yatlerot: Taht si crreoct.Presenter: Do you enjoy this?Hamrag Yatlerot: I stom certainly od. Revy chum so.Presenter: And what is your name?Hamrag Yatlerot: Hamrag, Hamrag Yatlerot.Presenter: Well, Graham, nice to have you on the show. Now where do you come from?Hamrag Yatlerot: Bumcreland.Presenter: Cumberland?Hamrag Yatlerot: Staht sit sepreicly.(Michael Palin and Eric Idle in Monty Pythons Flying Circus, 1972) Pronunciation: AN-uh-gram

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My Personal Reasoning For Choosing Nursing - 881 Words

Becoming a nurse offers a great opportunity to improve the way an individual’s thoughts process, by converting from a creative thinker to a critical thinker. This facilitates the general care levels of people and gives a positive atmosphere in the environment. In this essay I will explain and describe my personal reasoning’s for choosing nursing as a career; the skills, qualities and inspirations that I have obtained throughout my life which have influenced me. Also describing the importance and benefits of reflective practice for nurses, discussing how I will use it in my career as a nurse. Nursing, for me specifically is the perfect career which suits what I would enjoy and last in as a lifetime occupation. Influences through family and friends have given me a great idea of what nursing is like in hospitals and age care facilities, I have been educated to constantly provide and offer others care and aid towards the people around me. Providing this type of positive atm osphere delivers a constructive build on my self-motivation and self-confidence, this is fulfilling and exciting to me. Another reason that has motivated myself to pursue in the career of nursing is that it offers a perfect opportunity to make a huge difference in other people’s lives. Pleasing the people around me provides myself with inspiration, giving a positive impact in their lives sustains my happiness. In the recent year and a half, bodybuilding has become a passionate sport I participate in, theShow MoreRelatedNursing Reflection Paper1010 Words   |  5 Pagesresearch. Three personal goals will be described using the Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning. The positivist and constructivist paradigms will be discussed along with my personal worldview. My personal beliefs regarding the graduate nurse’s involvement with Evidence Based Practice (EBP) and opinion on why it is important for nurses to be involved in research. Finally, I will discuss my comfort leve l on initiating or working on research. Program of Study Nursing and Healthcare Informatics is my program ofRead MoreNursing As A Career1568 Words   |  7 PagesPrice, Hall, Angus and Peter (2013) â€Å"Nursing is described as a beautiful, rewarding and motivating career followed with an acknowledgement that nurses are underappreciated.† (p.7) Nursing is a profession that is organized and abides by a code of ethics where the individual is expected to honour these implementations. Nurses spend their career saving and promoting life and one of the most significant parts of being a nurse is to be a patient advocate. Nursing students tend to frequently enter theirRead MorePersonal Ethics974 Words   |  4 PagesPersonal ethics What personal, cultural, and spiritual values contribute to your worldview and philosophy of nursing? How do these values shape or influence your nursing practice? Ethics and values form the basis of nursing. Nurses provide nursing care by preventing illness, reducing suffering and promoting restoration of health in individuals, families, societies and communities. Nursing involves technical skills and abilities, duty and service to others with compassion and efficient decision-makingRead MoreNursing Theories Of The Nursing Theory1398 Words   |  6 PagesNursing theories provide a foundation for nurses to professionally base their judgment of care. Florence Nightingale was one of the first nursing theorists. Theories composed by Nightingale were comprised of practice-based theories and environmental theories. Nightingale’s environmental theory is composed of 13 cannons which are fundamental to her theory. Nightingale’s theories continue to be used by present day nurses and nursing students. Theories are incorporated into nursing students’ educationRead MoreThe Application Of Nursing Theories1502 Words   |  7 Pages Application of Nursing Theories: Nursing Theory and Me Nursing theories provide a foundation for nurses to professionally base their judgment of care. Florence Nightingale was one of the first nursing theorists. Theories composed by Nightingale were composed of practice-based theories and environmental theories. Nightingale’s environmental theory is composed of 13 cannons which are fundamental to her theory. Nightingale’s theories continue to be used by present day nurses and nursing students. TheoriesRead MoreThe Main Contributions Of Immanuel Kant1385 Words   |  6 Pagesgood will, such actions have no genuine ‘moral worth’. The conformity of one s action to duty in such cases is only related by accident to content of one s will†.6 The last chosen concept will be that of the â€Å"Imperative†. Kant provides two reasonings of thought. The first being of the â€Å"Hypothetical Imperative† and the second, â€Å"Categorical Imperative†. First it’s important to determine an understanding for the â€Å"imperative† as an independent clause. The imperative is simply a directive or actionRead MoreAn Organization : Topical Pattern1451 Words   |  6 PagesOrganization: Topical pattern Audience analysis: My audience consists of two white males and one white female, all of whom are students enrolled in the local community college. Their current fields of study include the following: criminal justice, fire/science/paramedic, and pre-nursing/education. Each of them comes from a Christian home with either a parent or close relative already working in the medical field. Topic: Nursing, specifically Emergency Nursing presents vast opportunities for edifying GodRead MoreDevelopment Of Professional Nursing For Registered Nurses1626 Words   |  7 PagesJourney to Professional Development in Nursing Beth Lewis South University Online December 15, 2015 â€Æ' Transition into Professional Nursing for Registered Nurses is a five week course dedicated to the research, examination and supposition of our journey in obtaining a Baccalaureate in Nursing; â€Å"Baccalaureate programs emphasize evidence-based clinical practice and leadership through coursework that includes research, statistics, population-based care, nursing management, and the humanities† (HaverkampRead MoreCareer Development Criteria Assignment : Decision Making791 Words   |  4 PagesCareer Development Criteria Assignment Decision-making skills are a very integral part of one’s life, whether its achieving goals, fulfilling dreams, choosing a life partner, successfully completing daily task, or leading a team to compelling solutions. As a result, decision-making could be a very challenging task, as it is hard to predict an outcome of the decisions taken on a given scenario. Further, predicting various outcomes of decisions can be a tough job, but making â€Å"smart decisions† can leadRead MoreEthical Issues Nurses Are Faced With Today1842 Words   |  8 Pagesmatters pertaining to life and death such as those related to abortion, hospice and end of life care/decisions, the possibility of being faced with the prospect of assisted suicide and the implications of genomics and genetic testing as applies to nursing care. 2. What are morals? How are morals determined to be good or bad? Per Butts and Rich (2013), morals are â€Å"specific beliefs, behaviors, and ways of being derived from doing ethics† (p. 4). Morals are determined to be good or bad based on ethical

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Up-to-date Mobile Phones Free Essays

? The use of mobiles or cell phones in educational institutions, specifically among universities, has caused many arguments in the society. One part of society has supported the use of cell phones in universities; the other part has opposed their use bitterly during in universities. Students should not be allowed to use mobile phones in university because they misuse them, cause distraction and limit learning. We will write a custom essay sample on Up-to-date Mobile Phones or any similar topic only for you Order Now First of all, students should not use cell phones in universities because they cause disruptions during class time. For instance, some student in class may have a loud, funny ringtone that interrupt learning whenever a student receives a call or SMS. This happens as some students forget to switch off their phones and, as a result, they make a lot of noise during class time that eventually disorders the learning process because it will make students forget a part of the lesson that is so important to them. Secondly, mobile phones should not be used in universities and other institutions of learning because the students can misuse it. Despite the fact that the up-to-date mobile phones are well equipped with other additional features like email, radio, Bluetooth and cameras, students have tended to abuse them through cyber bullying whereby they hurl insults and write vulgarity to harm other students through social platforms like Facebook and twitter. Another reason why mobile phones should never be accepted in universities is the fact that their use has been known to deter the remembering of learned knowledge by the students. It has been recognized that some students have become addicted to the use of mobile phones to the extent that their rate of knowledge retention is too low because of minds that are preoccupied with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The use of mobile phones by students in universities should be banned altogether since their use has been associated with exam cheating thus gaining an unfair advantage over their peers. In conclusion, given the compelling evidence and the undeniable negative results regarding the use of mobile phones by students within university grounds, government legislators should support the ban on mobile phones. This is because while the gadgets were meant to aid communication between different people in different circumstances, the students have continued to use them negatively thus bringing lots of harm on each other. Some people said that cell phones should not be prohibited on campus because it helps students in studying times. For example, it can be used for a quick search for information rather than wasting time to open the computer. They also said that cell phones can be used to translate words. This is true but the majority of students tend to use it in a bad way How to cite Up-to-date Mobile Phones, Papers

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International Entrepreneurship-Free-Samples-Myassignmenthelp.com

Question: Discuss about the Clusters, Small Business and International Entrepreneurship. Answer: Introduction Business is in itself a vast concept. Adoption of exploratory and rationalistic approach enables the small business enterprises to expand the scope and arena of their business. Herein lays the correlation with the word international. Cluster of these small business enterprises, on one hand, fulfills the needs of the public domain (Pollack and Adler 2016). On the other hand, absence of an oriental approach towards the marketing activities can be considered as a bane for the national economy. This report sheds light on the success short of a small business enterprise, Hyphens Pharma Pte Ltd, where the main agent is the oriental and rational approach towards the expansion of their business. Path to success for Hyphen Pharma Pte ltd Unlike the functionality of the symbol hyphen, Hyphens Pharma Pte Ltd leaves no stones unturned in terms of gifting a healthy life to the people. Exposure of transparency in the business has enabled the company to achieve trust, reliance and dependence from the customers, stakeholders, shareholders and agency partners (Hyphens.com.sg 2017). Struggle of the professionals to bring innovation is one of the factors, which has placed Hyphens Pharma on the path to success. Exposure of dedication and commitment in the execution of business activities has expanded the business (Blackburn, Hart and Wainwright 2013). Herein, the limitation of the word small attains enlargement. Typical evidence of this fact is the widespread presence of the SME across 6 countries in the South East Asia. Delving deep into the success story, Hyphens Pharma initiated their business as a subsidy of Pan Malaysian pharmaceutical companies. Display of dedication and commitment in the business activities proved beneficial for the company to slowly and gradually make a widespread presence across countries of Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia among others (Hyphens.com.sg 2017). This type of performance enabled the company to indulge in joint ventures with Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences (ICES). These partnerships added an extra feather to the reputation of the company. Apart from this, adoption of social media has assisted the SME to reach to a large number of audiences (Eid and El-Gohary 2013). Within this, the concept of user generated content has enhanced the stability in the relationship between the company personnel and the customers. This is one of the other grounds for reaching to the peak of success. Conclusion The statement where there is a will, there is a way proves apt for Hyphens Pharma Pte Ltd. Willing, eagerness, dedication, commitment along with a rationalistic and oriental approach towards the execution of the business procedures has smoothened the path of success for the company. These attributes globalizes the business of the company, shedding off the limitations of the word small. Moreover, it bridges the hyphen or the gap between the company and the customers, upgrading the reputational status. In view of this, the clustered presence of the company branches in each and every corner of the world adds value to the economy as a whole References Blackburn, R.A., Hart, M. and Wainwright, T., 2013. Small business performance: business, strategy and owner-manager characteristics.Journal of small business and enterprise development,20(1), pp.8-27. Eid, R. and El-Gohary, H., 2013. The impact of E-marketing use on small business enterprises' marketing success.The Service Industries Journal,33(1), pp.31-50. Hyphens.com.sg (2017). About Us. [online] Available at: https://www.hyphens.com.sg/about-hyphens/vision-mission-values/ [Accessed on 18th June 2017] Pollack, J. and Adler, D., 2016. Skills that improve profitability: The relationship between project management, IT skills, and small to medium enterprise profitability.International Journal of Project Management,34(5), pp.831-838.

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Women The Abused Gender in Literature and Life free essay sample

A study of four books where the trauma of the women characters are explored. The paper explores four books which are linked by the trauma of the women characters The Bluest Eyes (Toni Morrison), Jasmine, (Bharati Mukherjee) Bastard Out of Carolina (Dorothy Allison), and White Oleander (Janet Fitch). The paper shows how each book involves the story of a young woman who suffered abuse through no fault of her own and that although they take place at different times, different locations and to different types of young women, they are linked. The author touches on the thread of abuse towards women in real life. As a young girl she shows her strength when she saves the village women from a wild dog. Throughout her life in India, Jasmine, a young Punjab girl undergoes a series of changes. She is the embodiment of the fatalistic beliefs of the Hindu religion as she goes through cycles that allow her to become a mature woman in a new country, America. We will write a custom essay sample on Women: The Abused Gender in Literature and Life or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The story is told from the perspective that young woman in America as she recalls the life she lead in India, and how she came to America. Behind her is the oppression of females. Ahead of her is hope for a better life. In her is the clash of beliefs from the fatalistic Hindu, to the optimistic American. Along the way her name is changed several times until she winds up with the non-ethnic Jane, instead of Jasmine.

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Aqueous Solution Chemical Reaction Problem

Aqueous Solution Chemical Reaction Problem This worked chemistry example problem demonstrates how to determine the amount of reactants needed to complete a reaction in an aqueous solution. Problem For the reaction:Zn(s) 2H(aq) → Zn2(aq) H2(g)a. Determine the number of moles H that are required to form 1.22 mol H2.b. Determine the mass in grams of Zn that is required to form 0.621 mol of H2 Solution Part A: You may wish to review the types of reactions that occur in water and the rules that apply to balancing aqueous solution equations. Once you have set them up, balanced equations for reactions in aqueous solutions work in exactly the same way as other balanced equations. The coefficients signify the relative number of moles of substances participating in the reaction.From the balanced equation, you can see that 2 mol H is used for every 1 mol H2.If we use this as a conversion factor, then for 1.22 mol H2:moles H 1.22 mol H2 x 2 mol H / 1 mol H2moles H 2.44 mol HPart B: Similarly, 1 mol Zn is required for 1 mol H2.To work this problem, you need to know how many grams are in 1 mol of Zn. Look up the atomic mass for the zinc from the Periodic Table. The atomic mass of zinc is 65.38, so there are 65.38 g in 1 mol Zn.Plugging in these values gives us:mass Zn 0.621 mol H2 x 1 mol Zn / 1 mol H2 x 65.38 g Zn / 1 mol Znmass Zn 40.6 g Zn Answer a. 2.44 mol of H is required to form 1.22 mol H2.b. 40.6 g Zn is required to form 0.621 mol of H2

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Multinational Companies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Multinational Companies - Essay Example The two companies equally believe in being socially, ethically as well as environmentally responsible and accept their duty towards the society, making every effort on their part, to come up with safe products which contribute towards creating prosperity and opportunity for the global citizens. It is not unusual to find out that customers are considered to be the most valued stakeholder by both the companies. Samsung as well as GE strive to deliver first-rate products and services to their customers, while focusing on integrity and excellence simultaneously. Another vital similarity that exists between the companies is with regard to innovation and change. Samsung, with its innovative products ranging from camcorders to refrigerators, considers innovation to be extremely critical for a company’s survival in today’s fast-paced world. On the other hand, GE too, with its vast array of innovations in light bulbs to aircraft engines, has always believed in innovation to be a major factor for a company’s growth.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Apart from the similarities, there exist certain definite differences between the two Multinational Corporations. Though both the companies believe in workforce diversity and in hiring the best talent from across the world, GE is more all-encompassing in its view on diversity. GE not only believes in diversity on the basis of nationalities but it also considers diversity on the basis of class, gender, race and community as equally important. As stated in (GE, 2012), GE commits itself to support the Gay, Lesbian.

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History of forensic and science Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

History of forensic and science - Essay Example Later on, Locard came up with his Exchange Principle which claimed ‘any action of an individual, and obviously, the violent action constituting a crime, cannot occur without leaving a trace’ (Locard, La police 8.). In fact, Locard also made significant contributions in improving dactylography, the science that deals with fingerprints. In this connection, he started the science of poroscopy, or the study of fingerprint pores and the impressions produced by the pores. One of his important studies was that if there are at least 12 specific points identical between two fingerprints, that is a positive identification. Thus, for the first time, this enabled police forces to use fingerprints to identify criminals. In the year 1929, Locard jointly with various other criminalists started the International Academy of Criminalistics in Switzerland. However, this initiative could not withstand the turbulence of the Second World War. In fact Dr. Locard is called the Father of Ridgeoscopy because advancing from the observation by Sir Francis Galton that there are variations in individual friction ridge path, he managed to define those friction ridge events successfully. This enabled the area to evolve into Ridgeology , enabling police forces to do effective fingerprint verification. According to Locard, as published in the year 1914, if more than 12 concurring points are visible and if the print is sharp, the positive identification of fingerprints is indisputable. However, if 8 out of the 12 concurring points are visible, it should be considered as a borderline case, and in such cases, the identity will have to depend on other factors like the sharpness of fingerprints, the rarity of the fingerprint type, the presence of the center of the figure and the triangle in the exploitable part of the print, the effective use of poroscopy, and the degree of clarity visible in the width of the papillary ridges and valleys followed by the line directions, and

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Blood component therapy Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Blood component therapy - Assignment Example It has been observed that there is a disorganized practice to place the orders for blood requirement in elective surgeries moreover incidence show a wasteful use of blood in the execution of elective surgeries (Gianoutsos, 2008). It is therefore essential that there should be an approach of â€Å"group and screen† procedure compared to going for the full cross-match once transfusion is compulsory and therefore orders must be placed accordingly (Gianoutsos, 2008). In order to avoid the occurrence of hepatitis and HTLV-III infections, an approach of predeposit autotransfusion was realized specifically in elective surgery. This facilitates the conservation of homologous blood and creates an awareness and understanding for the proceeds of autotransfusion (Rebulla, 1987). This kind of approach finds its way through the advancement in the use of preservatives. The method has the advantage over the homologous transfusion where an individual receives the donor’s blood and hence risk life with hepatitis (risk is 46%), malaria, syphilis, allergic reaction (risk is 20 -25%) and mismatches due to any technical errors (risk is 61%). It is therefore essential for planned surgeries to have an autologist transfusion of blood to eliminate risks as it speed up the healing process (Holm, 1981). In order to find out the extent to which autologous blood that has been donated in advance and is used by the patient during the process of elective surgery, a study was carried out where 4996 patients undergoing elective surgery, of these, 1287 patients placed order for cross-matched blood even though 590 patients were found to be suitable for predepositing blood suggesting unawareness about predepositing blood. Merely 5% (32 patients) of the patients predeposited the blood, still 4 amongst these got homologous blood. The study concludes that by predonation of blood 68% homologous blood transfusion could have been avoided (Toy, 1987). This is autologous

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Analysis of Dennis Law of Evidence

Analysis of Dennis Law of Evidence The argument by Professor Ian Dennis that a decision may be factually correct and yet lack the moral justification usually served by a verdict is based on the existence of convictions reached despite apparent procedural irregularities in obtaining the evidence. Three major areas where this occurs are in the areas of confessions, illegally or improperly obtained evidence and silence of the accused as evidence. This represents a battle to maintain the crux of criminal law found in the presumption of innocence and the maxim, â€Å"It is better to let a hundred guilty men go free than hang one innocent man†. On the other hand, it may be thought that to exclude such improper evidence would, in some cases, result in injustice such as the acquittal of the guilty.[1] As a result, English law contains some compromises in some of these areas. This is in order to satisfy the two extreme views. Three cases are analyzed below in order to determine the truth or not of Professor Dennis’ argument. Generally, confessions are admissible in evidence provided they are made voluntarily. However, judges may exercise discretion to exclude confessions obtained by improper or unfair means or in breach of the Judges’ Rules or on grounds that its prejudicial effect outweighed its probative value.[2] These principles are also found in Section 76 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE Act). Professor Dennis’ argument lacks support in the case of properly admitted confessions. In most cases, in order to maintain fairness and morality towards the accused, judges exclude confessions once it is shown that the rules were breached.[3] His argument is upheld only where a confession is admitted and applied to ground a conviction despite being obtained in unfair circumstances. It would then appear that the usual practice does not support the argument above but the exceptional case illustrates the point of Professor Dennis’ statement.[4] In R v. Fulling,[5] the appellant was convicted of obtaining property by deception. Her conviction was grounded on a confession which she claimed to have made under oppressive circumstances. While in custody the appellant was interviewed twice on the first day and once on the following day when she made a confession which she later claimed was the result of being told by an officer that her lover had been having an affair with the woman in the next cell for the last three years. She said that these revelations so distressed her that she could not stand being in the cells any longer and made a statement in the hope that she would be released. The appeal was dismissed on the ground that the confession was admissible since it was not oppressive (characterized by impropriety) under S. 76(2)(a) of the PACE Act or rendered unreliable under S. 76(2)(b). The degree of oppression and impropriety sufficient to exclude the confession was determined by the court to be absent. The decision in this case was factually correct because earlier evidence given by a witness was corroborated by Fuller’s confession. However, if the moral justification for founding conviction were that the degree of impropriety was lower than required, then the verdict would be regarded as morally weak.[6] ILLEGALLY OR IMPROPERLY OBTAINED EVIDENCE – R V. SANG (1980) AC 402 The general position of the law is that evidence, which is relevant and otherwise admissible, should not be excluded only because of the manner in which it was obtained.[7] The judge may exclude such evidence only as a matter of discretion. Therefore, the use of such evidence to found a conviction, although factually correct, can be seen as lacking in moral authority where improper means are alleged. This common law position has been influenced by Section 78 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 which grants the court discretion to refuse to allow evidence which would have an adverse effect on the fairness of the proceedings because of the circumstances in which it was obtained. In R v. Sang[8] the appellant sought the exclusion of the evidence upon which the accused was later convicted because the accused had been induced to commit the offence by an agent provocateur. It was held on appeal that the court is not concerned with how the evidence was obtained provided it was relevant and admissible. The reasoning was based on Kuruma Son of Kaniu v. R [9] that remedies may be sought in civil law for illegality but the judge at trial is only concerned with how such unfairly obtained evidence is used by the prosecution and not how it was obtained. This case strongly illustrates how moral legitimacy of a guilty verdict can be compromised where the court overlooks its power of discretion and the unfair circumstances in which the accused is found, choosing instead to apply the facts heedlessly. The accused’ right to silence formerly entitled the accused not to have inferences drawn from his silence as evidence of his guilt.[10] This right has been curtailed by Section 35 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 which provides in subsections (2) and (3) that inferences may be drawn from the failure of the accused to give evidence or his refusal, without good cause, to answer any question. This position was upheld in the case of R v. Cowan ors.[11] although Cowan’s appeal was allowed only on the ground that such inference should not be the sole ground for conviction.[12] Thus in this case the court rejected the argument that adverse inference under S. 35 should be restricted to exceptional cases where there is no innocent explanation for the silence. Consequently, the right to silence when exercised by the accused leaves him in danger of being convicted based on the inference drawn by the jury about his silence and other available circumstantial eviden ce. Innocent reasons or good reasons for silence outside those stipulated by the law are insufficient to protect an accused person.[13] The accused must fit the exceptions in order to be excluded where the court has satisfied itself that other requirements[14] have been met. The use of this kind of evidence strongly supports Professor Dennis’ argument because the decision may be factually correct when other circumstantial evidence is added but the moral justification for finding a person guilty because of his silence is weak. In conclusion, as Professor Dennis notes, apparently reliable evidence may need to be excluded altogether if it risks impairing the moral and expressive authority of the verdict.[15] Trials may be fact-finding missions to ascertain the truth but public interest demands total legitimacy both in accuracy of facts and moral authority (based on respect in the procedure and treatment of the defendant). These rights are also recognized in the provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights and the Human Rights Act 1998 based on the maxim of fairness, â€Å"Justice must not only be done but must be seen to be done†. Heydon J. D. and Ockelton M., 1996. Evidence: Cases and Materials, 4th ed., Butterworths London Huxley P. and O’Connell M., 2004. Blackstone’s Statutes on Evidence, 8th ed., Oxford University Press London Keane A., 2006. The Modern Law of Evidence, 6th ed., Oxford University Press London The Common Law Library, 2005. Phipson on Evidence, Sweet Maxwell London LexisNexis Butterworth, All England Reports http://lexisnexis.com/uk/ Dennis I. H., 2002. The Law of Evidence, 2nd ed., Sweet Maxwell London 1 Footnotes [1] Keane A., 2006. The Modern Law of Evidence, Oxford. p.55 [2] ibid. p.380; R v. Sang (1980) AC 402; R v. May (1952) 36 Cr. App. R. 91, 93 per Lord Goddard CJ [3] This could be upholding the moral element, in other words. [4] A strong illustration is the case of R v. Mushtaq (2005) 3 All ER 885 where the trial judge was held to have breached the defendant’s privilege when he misdirected the jury by stating that a confession had probative weight so long as they thought it was true even if it was obtained by oppression. The appeal was dismissed though because the defence never proved the oppression. [5] supra [6] This can also be seen in R v. Goldenberg (1988) 88 Cr App Rep 285, CA where the admission of a confession made in the hope of getting bail was found correct despite the accused person’s state of mind at the time. See also Heydon and Ockelton, 1996. Evidence: Cases and Materials. p.159 [7] Common Law rule in Leatham (1861) 8 Cox C. C. 498, 501 [8] supra [9] (1955) AC 197, PC [10] S. 1 of the Criminal Evidence Act 1898; R v. Bathurst (1968) 2 QB 99, CA and R v. Taylor (1993) Crim. LR 223, CA [11] supra [12] This rule is in accordance with S. 38 (3) of the 1994 Act [13] R v. Cowan (supra); R v. Napper (1996) Crim. L. R. 591; R v. Becouarn (2003) EWCA Crim. 1154 [14] Such as a prima facie case by the prosecution (or that the accused has a case to answer) , directions to the jury about drawing adverse inference etc. [15] 2002, The Law of Evidence. p.45

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Should It Be Legal :: essays research papers

Should it be Legal?   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In 1978 the state legislator of New Mexico made a law allowing physicians to prescribe marijuana to patients suffering from nausea caused by chemotherapy, much of this due to the efforts of a cancer patient by the name of Lynn Pierson. The Federal government modified the law to make it comply with IND regulations requiring a research program. The FDA also demanded many studies and required the doctors to fill out many pages of forms for every patient and documenting their progress, slowing the process to a stand still. This process of getting marijuana to the patients was taking so long that New Mexico officials considered using confiscated marijuana from the state highway patrol. In August of 1978 Lynn Pierson, who worked so hard for the legalization of marijuana, died of cancer without ever receiving legal marijuana. A few weeks later the Federal Government suspended the marijuana program. The Federal Bureau of Narcotics reasons for making marijuana illegal were that it was highly addictive and caused violent crimes. Today neither of those reasons has been backed by much data and many experts believe the opposite. According to the National Household Survey on drug abuse, more than 76 million Americans admit to trying marijuana. Along with those who value marijuana: for recreational reasons, many doctors say that it has medicinal uses as well. The government should look at these facts and consider the legalization of marijuana.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  There are many arguments against the legalization of marijuana. One commonly held view is marijuana is â€Å"gateway drug† or a drug that opens the door for harder drug use such as cocaine or heroin. The Institute of Medicine disagrees, and in their 1999 report they explained that marijuana has been mistaken for a â€Å"gateway drug† in the past because patterns in adolescence drug use is strikingly regular. Because it is the most commonly used illicit drug, it is likely that it is the first illegal drug that people try. Most drug users begin with alcohol and nicotine, before they use marijuana (Joy 32).   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Another complaint about marijuana is that it is a dangerous drug that causes permanent brain damage. Dr. Iversen of Oxford University says, â€Å"Cannabis does not cause structural damage to the brains of animals as some reports had claimed, nor is there evidence of long-term damage to the human brain or other than slight residual impairments in cognitive function after drug use is stopped (Woolf 24).

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Smart Card Marketing Solutions Essay

Smart Card Marketing Solutions is a company established in 2003 that provides prepaid card services to customers seeking an alternative to credit cards and as a form of electronic records for merchants in regards to recording a customer buying behavior. Smart Card Marketing Solutions (referred to in this paper as SMKG going forward) offered four types on services: GoSmartCard, Velocity money, Velocity Merchant, and prepaid wireless. Each of the services, in addition to the audience, back ground on the market, strengths and weaknesses of the company, and marketing strategies. Types of Service and Competition Go Smart Card The GoSmartCard is a service that allows companies to use the card and incentive programs. This is offered to merchants and retailed and personal account information. The platform itself is a real-time internet based application that monitors the transaction in real-time and allow for merchants to access the information. The competition could be any company or retailer that offers gift cards. This service is offered by many retailers already. This service is already in the market and for some time now. Velocity Money The service includes two card types: Pin Debit Card, which is used by customers as one would a traditional debit card and a Master debit card, which operates like a traditional Master card. Both are attractive features but there lies a flooded market with lots of competition Velocity Merchant This service allows electronic check processing. This feature has been offered by Tele-Check for many years. The advantage to this feature is the e-commerce site that offers additional features such as private labeling on Master card and instant money transfers. Those are two attractive features. Prepaid Wireless Now prepaid wireless is a service offered, which allows the retailer does not have to pay for a product until after the sale is made. This is a very attractive feature for retailers. Access to the Market Feasibility The goal of feasibility is to is to assess the economic viability of the proposed business. The feasibility study needs to answer the question: â€Å"Does the idea make economic sense?† The study should provide a thorough analysis of the business opportunity, including a look at all the possible roadblocks that may stand in the way of the cooperative’s success. The outcome of the feasibility study will indicate whether or not to proceed with the proposed venture. If the results of the feasibility study are positive, then the cooperative can proceed to develop a business plan. (Williams, 2011) After review of the customer’s website, services offered, and over goal, the Market feasibility does not make sense. The market is saturated with competition such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, Rush Card, and many more. The company does not appear to have done the necessary research to determine the whether there is a need for this service in the market. In addition, this would hint to the fact a proper business plane was not completed and reviewed. Their validity of market acceptance appears to be assumed versus researched and studies. Conclusion Overall, SKMG could have done more research on the need of their services. Primary market research is one of the starting points for this customer to have been able to determine acceptance into the market. Appendix I shows the current state of their stability in the market.

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Nursing Personal Statement How to Craft a Masterpiece

Nursing Personal Statement How to Craft a Masterpiece Nursing Personal Statement: How to Craft a Masterpiece If you are thinking about the next step in your academic career, you will appreciate that there is a lot of competition for the high-quality courses. As more and more candidates are seeking tertiary qualifications, it is getting harder and harder to stand out and secure the course place that you aspire to. High marks are no longer enough, and many educational institutions are looking for other ways to better understand which candidates will perform best if admitted into the course. One of these assessment elements is the personal statement. In this article, we will take a look at the type of personal statement that you need to prepare if you are considering applying for a nursing qualification. We’ll give you some examples of how to structure your nursing personal statement, and the kind of things that you should include. What Is a Nursing Personal Statement? This is a short written description about yourself and your experience, explaining to the assessor why you want to study nursing, and why you wish to be accepted by the particular course that you are applying to. This is not a thesis that is pages and pages long. You are probably looking to write somewhere between 500 and 800 words it needs to be succinct, but it also needs to contain enough detail and insights so that it is authentic, engaging, and impactful. What to Include in Your Nursing Personal Statement There are four key areas that you should generally try and include in your nursing personal statement. Explain what attracts you to study nursing. You need to be able to convey why nursing is your passion. For example, you may something like â€Å"The volunteer work in my local care home showed me the positive impact that nurses can have on the lives of patients†¦Ã¢â‚¬  or â€Å"The changing care models in our health system make it a dynamic and evolving career option†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Explain why you have applied to this specific course. You need to demonstrate that you have put some thought and research into the course that you have applied for. For example, you may something like â€Å"My passion is in the mental health sector, and I noted that this course has a very strong reputation in this field.† Explain how your skills and experience have prepared you for this course. You need to show the assessors that you will hit the ground running, that you know what to expect from this course. You may say something like: â€Å"As a diabetic, I have spent a lot of time being cared for highly trained and professional nurses, and it has given me enormous insight into the passion and dedication required for this career.† Test Your Nursing Personal Statement Once you have written your nursing personal statement, make sure that you get someone to proofread it for you to pick up any grammar or typographical errors. You then can ask your friends, family, and professional network to critically read your nursing personal statement. Actively seek their feedback to ensure that your nursing personal statement not only accurately reflects who you are but also that it is authentic, engaging, and has a real impact on someone who is reading it for the first time. If nursing is your passion and your career aspiration, then make sure that you take the time to create a nursing personal statement that will help you secure the course place that you need to achieve your goals.

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All About Honduras †Anthropology Essay

All About Honduras – Anthropology Essay Free Online Research Papers Honduras is located in Central America, between the two countries of Guatemala and Nicaragua. You may find it pretty easy to fund Honduras on a map because its about the same size of Tennessee. The exact location of Honduras is 15 degrees North longitude and 86 degrees East latitude. Honduras covers 43,278 square miles, which is approximately the same size of Tennessee, as I stated before. The country of Honduras is full of all different kinds of land types including; wetlands, mountains and tropical rain forests. The Olancho Forest Reserve, which is the largest pine forest in Latin America, is also located in Honduras. The Olancho Forest Reserve is about the same size of Connecticut. Despite having a large forest reserve, Honduras has lost 30% of its forests in the past 25 years (Culture Grams,2005). Honduras is made up of mostly mountains and is the only country in Latin America that does not have a volcano. Due to having no volcanic soil, the food production is very low in Honduras. The climate of Honduras varies from location. In Honduras, the temperature and weather is more subtropical in the lower elevated regions of the country. In the higher elevated portions of the country, the climate is more temperate. The warmest part of Honduras is the South, except for the north coast, but the south is drier than the rest of the country. Rainy season in Honduras falls between the months of May-November, on contrary the hottest part of the year is from March-May. Summers highs reach an average of 105 degrees F. With 97% of the population, Honduras is mostly Roman Catholic. But there is another popular religion in Honduras, Protestant (xreferplus, 2003). The Protestants attend church regularly. The Catholic religion has a strong affect on society. Every town and city hold festivals for the saint that belongs to that city. The official language of Honduras is Spanish, Spanish is also the most dominantly spoken, but other languages ore spoken, such as Garifuna. Creole English is spoke by about 10,000 people in the Bay Islands. In school, English is a required course. Although it is required, few people speak fluently in English. Interaction The Mayan empire began in what is now the country of Honduras. The empire ended about 800A.D., which is also when the Mayan population started to decrease. Christopher Columbus, who landed on Honduras in 1502, called it Honduras because of the very deep waters that lined the north coast. For most farmers, their daily life is only interrupted on the days they go to the market and during religious festivals. Music and dancing are the main parts of these festivals. Some of the favorite dances include the Sique, which has parts of dances that the Indians preformed, and the Mascao, which consists of parts of African rituals. The dancers of the Mascao often paint their bodies and wear brightly colored masks. Movement Much of the migration into Honduras came from the Spanish in the late 16th century. Spanish conquistadors, or explorers, came to Honduras in the late 16th century and when they returned to Spain, they set out a few month later, only this time they brought more people to inhabit the country. Also much of Honduras’s population comes from Indian background. Region Economically, Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. Honduras has two different regions: the high lands and the Caribbean coast. Originally, Honduras was dependent on the silver mines in the mountains. Up till 1915, silver was the leading export. Honduras has the richest mineral resources of Central America. Within the borders lie: lead, zinc, silver, gold, antimony and many others. By the 1930’s, Honduran plantations were the world’s largest suppliers of bananas. Due to Hurricane Mitch, Honduras has been severely set back on economic recovery. Honduras is divided into 18 providences, also called departamentos. Each providence has and is administered by a governor. The president, Ricardo Maduro, is the chief of stat and the head of the government. The two main parties of Honduras’s government are the Liberal Party and the National Party. The military has a large influence in Honduran government, despite the fact that they try to keep the two separate. The National Congress of Honduras has a total of 128 seats. All citizens are allowed to vote at the age of 18. Core Democratic Values Two of the Core Democratic Values that are in Honduras are, Freedom of Religion, which allows you to chose your religion, and Freedom to Vote, which allows people to vote for who they want at the age of 18. 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Competitive Advantage, disadvantage Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Competitive Advantage, disadvantage - Essay Example as a one (1) year fellowship in a hospital; the nursing college not only offers degree certificates in nursing but it also offers masters degree in areas such as Nursing Administration and Education; Medical Surgical Nursing; Community Health, Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing and Maternity & Paediatric Nursing. Internal resources: The Nursing College has an internal Nursing Research Centre which has all the needed resources and/ or equipment for nursing studies. As such, students do not need to travel to different hospitals or research centres in a bid to carry out their experiments. Internal job placements: The Nursing College not only offers their students a four (4) year degree course but they also offer their students a one (1) year fellowship program in a hospital. As such, this helps the student to avoid the hustles of seeking internship and/ or fellowship programs in other institutions outside the College. Culture: The Nursing College has a very open culture that seeks to accommodate students from all walks of life. In addition, the College highly values female students in a bid to encourage education among the girl child. Innovating Degrees and Master’s programs: The Nursing College has evolving Nursing degrees which are best suited to the market. These programs are strategically aligned to upcoming nursing technologies so as to ensure that once the student has completed their degree course, they can be in a better place to stay competitive in the existing job market. Self motivation: The members of staff as well as the students are self motivated to achieve their goals and desires. In addition, the school environment is very conducive for learning as well as doing scientific research. As such, this also helps the students and the staff to feel motivated to work and progress to better heights. Leadership: The leadership at the College is a mix of democratic and bureaucratic leadership styles. This is because the management at the Nursing

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Management of queues Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Management of queues - Essay Example Thus, this type of model is time efficient because the service rate, which is the number of customers attended within a given time interval, increases. A good example is of customers waiting in queues to get their checks cashed in front of multiple counters in a bank. No Customer Frustration Multiple queues put an end to customers’ frustration which they have to face in case of single queues. The frustration that single queues offer has an impact on the customer satisfaction and good will and thus costs the company a lot in the long run. Thus, with multiple queues this problem can be eliminated since customers are quickly attended to within least possible time. For example, when there are multiple check outs in a grocery store, a consumer feels good when he does not have to wait in long single queue with grocery on the trolley which he has to guard too. Multiple queuing model is a blessing at grocery stores. Fitzsimmons and Fitzsimmons gave the example of McDonalds which †Å"feared that customers would balk on seeing a long line† (454) and therefore implemented multiple queues. Switching of Queues Customers can always switch onto the queue which seems to be shorter and in which he feels that he will be attended much sooner. For example, when a new movie is going to be released, there are multiple queues in front of the ticketing counters. Some queues are long and some are short. A customer from long queue can come out and join a shorter one to save time and energy. This way, the queues also get managed themselves and the load on each counter is distributed among all the counters. Enjoyment One benefit that multiple queues have on single queues is that when customers make multiple queues, they are free to chat with each other and have fun while they are waiting for their turns. This makes them comfortable with the situation they are in and they pass their waiting time happily. Example is of people queued up for tickets in front of the cinema hall and chatting about the new movie. Disadvantages Cost Multiple queues with multiple services facilities sometimes adds too much to the set up cost because it may happen that the customers are being attended too efficiently and thus some servers remain idle for some time which also results in some employees being idle resulting in low morale. Multiple queues require a lot of service capacity in order to be efficient. No First-come first-served In case of multiple queues, since it is the customer’s choice which queue to join and since he can always switch onto the queue which seems shorter, the rule of first-come, first-served or first-in, first-out cannot be applied. A good example is that of traffic jam, where a driver can leave his line and enter one which seems shorter and running faster. This way, even if he came later than other drivers, he has chances of getting out of the traffic sooner. Also, when a queue is switched, the previous queue always seems to have become fast er and shorter. This is an out of logic stigma attached to multiple queues which cannot be explained. Alertness Although the customers in multiple queues can have an extra fun of chatting and gossiping with each other, yet they have to remain extra alert so that they can hear their number. They can be careless about their turn or number more than if they were in a single queue. Example is of fast food centers as McDonalds where people engage in socializing and may become forgetful of their numbers. Psychological